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Boughton, Dunkirk & Hernhill
War Memorials

These are extracts from the War Diaries of the Grenadier Guards 2nd Battalion at the time Frederick Eve died. The copies were kindly supplied by the Guards Museum.  The diaries describe the conditions that Frederick and his comrades had to endure in the trenches -

“The weather was very bad, and the whole country a sea of mud, which made marching across country anything but easy”;  “No-one who has not experienced the difficulties of moving about up to the knee in liquid mud can realise the great fatigue it entails”

Frederick Eve enlisted in the Grenadier Guards in Canterbury in December 1905 for a three year service, which would be followed by nine years in the Reserve. Hence he was one of the first to be recalled to the colours at the outbreak of the First World War. On his attestation papers he gave his age as 18, and his occupation was Farm Labourer:

Service and Regimental records


Guards Museum

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